Taxpayer Advocate Program

The Taxpayer Advocate Program was created on October 2010 because of the growing number of taxpayers have sought information on payment plans for property taxes before they become delinquent, others want assistance for delinquent property taxes and others want information from their tax collector on property tax exemptions including military, disabled and over-65. In situations when taxpayers have found themselves in circumstances beyond their control, such as health and economic factors the Cameron County Tax Assessor-Collector saw the need to provide taxpayers with a professional with the knowledge and expertise to answer technical questions, and point the taxpayer in the right direction.

Our office has a person dedicated to help taxpayers make proper payment arrangements to pay their delinquent property taxes. The Taxpayer Advocate pogram can help the taxpayer enter into both, a six month Tax Payment Agreement (TPA), for current tax year only, to avoid the assessment of attorney's fees or a Delinquent Payment Agreement (DPA),for multiple delinquent tax years, in accordance to section 33.02 of the Texas Property Tax Code, in order to avoid tax suit by the attorneys and prevent being subject to lose their property at a tax sale.

Please contact our Taxpayer Advocate Program to find more information on making payment agreements to pay your property taxes or to make an appointment to discuss your property tax account.

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