Automobile Crimes Enforcement


On August 1st, 1999, the Cameron County Tax Assessor-Collector’s office, created its Cameron County Automobile Crimes Enforcement Task Force with the mission to prevent vehicle registration & title fraud and increase auto theft recovery. This Specialized Task Force is composed of Auto-theft Investigators and & a Title Examiner with extensive training in auto theft recovery and prevention through the Texas Department of Public Safety, National Insurance Crime Bureau, and the National Equipment Registry. The Cameron County Auto Crimes and Enforcement Task Force  works hand in hand with other local & state governmental agencies unifying resources to combat auto theft and other related crimes. Our Auto Crimes Enforcement Task Force is also recognized by the Auto Burglary and Prevention Authority and  is an active member of the Texas Association of Vehicle Theft Investigators . Also, the Texas Association of Counties Leadership Foundation awarded the Cameron County Auto Crimes Enforcement Task Force with the 2002 County Best Practices Innovation Certificate on August 15, 2002 for outstanding achievement and effective management of county government facilities, processes and programs.

The Automobile Crimes Enforcement Task Force urges consumers to be cautious when purchasing a motor vehicle. In order to register a Motor Vehicle in Cameron County, Texas, the following conditions must be satisfied:

•The vehicle title must be registered in the name of the seller.
•Purchaser and seller must each sign both the title and the title application Form 130-U.
•A bill of sale, invoice, or purchase order (for out of state vehicles).
•A copy of Vehicle Inspection History (VIR).
•A copy of buyer’s current US issued Identification.

•Proof of current automobile insurance will be required.
•Vehicles bought from anyone other than a licensed car dealer are subject to sales tax on the vehicle’s Standard Presumptive Value.

When purchasing a vehicle from a licensed Texas dealer, the dealer is required to
complete all the paperwork necessary to title and register the vehicle in your name within 30 calendar days of the date you purchased the vehicle to avoid penalties.

Be especially cautious when purchasing a vehicle from an individual. A consumer who buys a vehicle from a person that is not a licensed Texas dealer runs a risk that:

• The vehicle may be stolen;
•The vehicle may be a salvaged, reconditioned, or flood damaged vehicle;
•The vehicle may have a rolled-back odometer
•You may not be able to get a clear title;
•The vehicle may have a lienholder who has not been paid;
•Vehicle may have been sold for export only.

For more information contact the CCACETF at 956-544-0800 ext. 291, or to report a stolen
vehicle call Crime Stoppers at 956-350-5551, toll Free at 1-866-350-5551, or 956-548-TIPS

To report the illegal sale of motor vehicles, fraudulent title registration, or curbstoners (unlicensed car dealers/sellers) contact the department hotline: 956-574-8162.

Cameron County Automobile Crimes Enforcement Task Force:

Jesse Estrada
Auto Theft Task Force Investigator