Welcome to the Office of the Cameron County Tax Assessor-Collector !

Tony Yzaguirre, Jr.
Cameron County Tax Assessor-Collector

Jesse Garcia, Jr.
Chief Deputy

Rick Camarillo
Administrative Assistant

Lt. Joe Mireles
Chief of Investigations & Enforcement

Tony Menchaca
Special Projects Coordinator

Raul Mata
Occupation Tax Compliance Officer

Sylvia Ramos
Tax Payer Advocate

The office of the Tax Assessor-Collector is a constitutional office established for the collections of Property Taxes, Beer & Wine Permits, and Motor Vehicle Title and Registration functions. The Cameron County Tax Assessor-Collector’s Office currently collects for 52 taxing entities. This includes 15 municipalities, 6 school districts, 4 drainage districts, 10 special districts, and 15 others. Please click “here” to view brake down of Taxing Jurisdictions currently being serviced by our office.

The Cameron County Tax Assessor-Collector’s Office issues license plates and registration stickers for over 296,000 vehicle registered in Cameron County. Furthermore, this office processes an average of 70,000 transfers of title each year. With 9 Tax Office locations county wide, our current subcontractor stations located in the H-E-B stores throughout the county and our most recent association with a private sector Title Service Company, Cameron-C.A.R.S, we strive to better service the public with all their vehicle registrations needs.
*Please note that vehicle registration may be obtained at more convenient hours of operation through our H-E-B subcontractor stations and our associate title service company. A convenience fee may be assessed to process these transactions. Click “here” for contact information for office locations and hours of operations.

Please feel free to call us at (956)-544-0800 we’ll be glad to help you.