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Cameron County HUB Program Historically Underutilized Business
HUB is an  entity with at least 51% of business owners being economically disadvantaged persons of a qualifying group including: Black American, Hispanic American, Native American Indian, Asian Pacific American, and/or American Woman.

Cameron County encourages and strives towards an ever increasing  expansion in opportunities for HUB’s in assisting the County for its Purchasing needs.

Objectives of County HUB Program

  • On going increase in procurement opportunities for HUBs
  • Assisting HUBs with registration to the Bidders List and Bid opportunities that may be of interest
  • Directing HUBs to various beneficial web links giving them additional opportunities

Certification Process: Federal, state, and local regulations determine the type of certification(s) available.  Attached below are links to various Certification agencies which are available to assist you in obtaining your HUB Certification.

HUB Certification Source Links:

HUB Questions Cameron County contact:
Beverly Findley, Bid coordinator
P: 956-982-5478 | Email:


SBA Source Links:



– 3% PREFERENCE: (consideration of location)

The County Commissioner’s Court may award to the lowest bidder or the bidder whose principal place of business is within Cameron County if the Commissioner’s Court determines, in writing, that the local bidder offers the County the best combination of contract price and additional economic development opportunities for Cameron County created by the contract award, including the employment of residents of Cameron County and increased tax revenues to Cameron County. This option exists only within 3% pricing of the lowest bid price. In order to provide the County Commissioner’s Court adequate information for assisting in considering this option, the bidder should submit with each bid the following information for Commissioner’s Court review with all information requested to be detailed and $$$ current quantifiable numeric data.

  1. Where is your principal place of business (ie: Corporate Headquarters) City, County, State, Signature of Bidder, Title, Date? Along with this information, submit information with responses to the following questions.
  2. Why and how bidder believes that the local bidder offers the County additional economic development opportunities for Cameron County created by the contract award?
  3. How will award to local bidder benefit the employment of residents of Cameron County?
  4. How many employees does bidder employ within Cameron County and how many employees are affected financially by award/purchase?
  5. How will award to local bidder increased tax revenues to Cameron County? This information should be provided and updated with each bid submitted to the County. If bidder is local and within 3% of the lowest bid, this information will be submitted to Commissioner’s Court along with tabulation sheet. There has been no mandatory requirement or Policy established by Commissioners Court which requires submitting answers to these questions or attending Commissioners Court meetings for the awarding of bids relative to 3% local preference, however individual Commissioners may or may not have preferences (relative to these issues) when making their decision. This paragraph will be revised upon policy change made by Commissioners Court.