County Maps

Independent Procedures

IP Bid Opening
IP Change Orders
IP Conflict of Interest
IP Copier Selection Approval Process
IP Emerg. Req. Approv over $15000
IP Emergency Inventory
IP Equipment Repairs by Suppliers
IP Ethics and Confidentiality Agreement RFP
IP Hazardous Material
IP Inspections & Defects
IP Job Order Contractor (JOC) Pre-approval
IP Loan of Equipment
IP Material - Stock Movement
IP Material Storage & Preservation
IP Material Surplus
IP Printing- CC Print Shop
IP Purchasing from Employees
IP Return for Credit
IP Returnable Material
IP Rush Purchases
IP Sales Tax Exemptions
IP Samples Acceptance
IP Sole Source Requisition Approval over $15,000
IP Supplier Obligations
IP Supplier Relations
IP Supplier Visitation
IP Surplus & Scrap Disposal
IP Texas Ethics Commission "Disclosure Regarding Contracts with Govermnetal Entities" Form 1295