Appellate Division

The Appellate Division is responsible for handling appeals, writs of habeas corpus, and all original proceedings for the state in the appellate courts.

After a prosecutor from the trial division has secured a conviction and sentence against a defendant, said defendant is advised of his right to appeal his conviction.  Should the defendant choose to exercise his right to appeal, then the responsibility for handling the appeal shifts to the Appellate Division.

Additionally, in rare circumstances, the state has the right to appeal certain rulings of the trial court, and the state will exercise that right, when justice requires.

Finally, the Appellate Division assists prosecution trial teams with trial support  which include legal research, handling motions to suppress, and handling jury charge conferences.

For more information, contact the Appellate Division at (956) 544-0849, Extension: 189.

Appellate Division Staff:

L. J. Rabb
Assistant District Attorney

Christopher Gonzalez
Assistant District Attorney

Janet Umar

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