Environmental Enforcement 

The Environmental Enforcement Unit enforces environmental laws by criminally prosecuting persons and businesses who pollute, illegally dump, emit fumes or otherwise endanger our natural resources or harm our community's wellbeing.  Some of the more common environmental crimes include littering, illegally dumping construction waste, air pollution, and water pollution.  Violations of environmental laws can result in substantial fines, recovery of damages to natural resources, injunctions requiring corrective actions and prevention of future violations, and even incarceration.

Environmental crimes affect the public's physical and economic wellbeing in devastating ways.  Today, the Environmental Enforcement Unit is ready to take a firm handle and ensure the future health of our community.

mael Hinojosa
Assistant District Attorney

Please help us protect our community by reporting environmental crimes to your local Health Code Enforcement Department:

Brownsville – (956) 542-3437
Harlingen – (956) 216-5200
San Benito – (956) 361-3804 x224
All other cities, pllease contact the Sheriff's Office at (956) 887-6700.

For further information on environmental protection and compliance, please consult the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality at www.tceq.org.

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