The District Attorney's Office strives to prosecute serious crimes in the community while at the same time remains focused on crime prevention efforts. 

District Attorney Luis V. Saenz has command and control of the Unified Narcotics Investigation Task Force (U.N.I.T.) The U.N.I.T. is a South Texas High Intensity Drug-Trafficking Area Initiative (H.I.D.T.A.) sponsored by the District Attorney's Office. It is comprised of intelligence analysts who provide near real-time, tactical intelligence support for federal, state and local law enforcement agencies within the southern sector of Texas. Drug-related information is collected, analyzed and processed for suport of ongoing investigations and prosecution efforts. U.N.I.T. personnel are available to provide local analytical support to all law enforcement agencies and is led by Commander Luis Carlos De Leon.

The District Attorney's Public Integrity Unit is an integral part of the District Attorney's new reorganization. The Unit is designed to develop and implement internal programs so to ensure compliance with the District Attorney's policies. The programs are the foundation to restoring confidence and professionalism to the District Attorney's Office. The Unit, led by Mr. Victor Cortez, will work closely with federal, state, county and city agencies on any ethics and integrity case involving any District Attorney employees. Mr. Cortez, under the leadership and guidance of District Attorney Saenz, will develop programs to restore the public's trust in the District Attorney's Office. 

For more information, contact the Investigations Division at (956) 544-0849.

George DeLaunay
Chief Investigator

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