Juvenile Division

The Juvenile Division works closely with the Cameron County Juvenile Probation Department, with local law enforcement and with local school district police departments to seek justice for the citizens of Cameron County while endeavoring to redirect and rehabilitate juvenile offenders.  This division is charged with prosecuting misdemeanor and felony crimes, as well as truancy and runaway status offenses, committed by children within the county.

As defined by the Texas Family Code, a child is a person ten years of age or older and under seventeen years of age; or someone between the ages of seventeen and eighteen who engaged in delinquent conduct before becoming seventeen years of age.

Once adjudicated by the Cameron County Juvenile Justice System, a child may be placed on community supervision probation; at a substance abuse rehabilitation center; at a boot camp facility; or be committed to the Texas Youth Commission.  The Juvenile Division is also responsible for certifying children to stand trial as adults when justice so demands.

The Juvenile Division consists of Assistant District Attorneys Noemi Garcia and Melanie Allard; Investigator Refugio "Cookie" Covarrubias; and Paralegal Angelica Robles.

For more information, contact the Juvenile Division at (956) 361-4635.

Noemi Garcia
Chief Juvenile Assistant District Attorney

Bridgett Brumbaugh
Assistant District Attorney
E-mail: bridgett.brumbaugh@co.cameron.tx.us

Angelica Robles
E-mail: angelica.robles@co.cameron.tx.us

Refugio Covarrubias

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