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Election Disclaimer

These results are preliminary and are posted on the web as a convenience to the public.

There are many steps involved in counting and auditing election results from Cameron County's 92 precincts. This means that these results will be checked for accuracy and completeness before results are made final.

The preliminary results displayed on this web site are not final results. There are a few precincts with a small number of votes which are cast by mail. Absentee ballots postmarked on time and received after the election are not included in the election night results but are included later. Thousands of voters also cast provisional ballots on election day which must be checked during the two-week counting period following the election. These ballots are not counted until several days after the election.

Cameron County Department of Elections and Voter Registration

P.O. Box 182
Brownsville, TX 78520
Ph. (956) 361-8209
Fax (956) 361-8211

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