On-Site Sewage Facility (OSSF)

The OSSF is responsible for enforcing, authorizing, inspecting and investigating on-site sewerage facilities.

The OSSF is responsible for conducting a number of services:

Enforcing: All state and county guidelines dealing with on-site sewerage facilities.

Authorizing: New, malfunctioning, and upgrades to any on-site sewerage facilities.

Inspecting: All complaints received regarding an on-site sewerage facility are done by our Designated Representatives. Investigations are done within 72 hours from receipt of complaints. If necessary follow up investigations are conducted with in an allotted time frame. When an investigation results in non-compliance, cases are turned over to local justice of the peace to take necessary legal action.

OSSF Ordinance
OSSF Permit
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
OSSF Licensing or Registration Information