Educational Programs

Juvenile Justice Alternative Educational Program

The Cameron County Juvenile Justice Alternative Program (JJAEP) is a state funded school located in San Benito, Texas. The CCJJD contracts with Southwest Keys, Inc. to help provide the educational services for students residing in Cameron and Willacy County. JJAEP works collaboratively with local school districts to provide an alternative educational setting for Mandated and Discretionary student referrals and adheres to the Texas Juvenile Justice Department and Texas Education Agency standards.

Collaborative Reduction Program

The Collaborative Reduction Program is a partnership with CCJJD and three local school districts (Brownsville ISD, San Benito CISD and Harlingen CISD).  The objective of this unique partnership is to have Juvenile Probation Officers assigned to a respective campus and work closely with campus administration to ensure the juvenile’s academic success.  By integrating Juvenile Probation Officers within schools to promote higher education as well as implementation of workforce readiness to at risk students, we hope to have students graduate and further obtain post-secondary success.

Parental Involvement Program

The Parental Involvement Program is for parents struggling with adolescent behavioral problems. Parents learn and practice specific prevention and intervention strategies for destructive behaviors such as, truancy, alcohol and drug use, gangs and other criminal behavior, running away, violence and suicide. Classes for parents utilize the evidenced-based curriculum Parent Project. The program is created to enable positive change with regards to learning how to “out-will” a strong willed child.

Community Program

ARMY/GEMS Day Academy

The Cameron County Juvenile Justice Department’s A.R.M.Y. (Academy for the Rehabilitation and Motivation of Youth) and G.E.M.S. (Girls Empowering and Motivating Success) are community-based Day Academies.  The programs are designed for chronic offenders who are not complying with their probationary rules and are at risk of being removed from their home due to their violations. The goal of ARMY/GEMS is to address the unique needs of the juvenile, along with offering the Courts an alternative sanction for chronic offenders with counseling, education and skills. The program provides the cadets with educational services through Mid Valley Academy as well as counseling services through our Mental Health Department.

 Mental Health Services 

Substance Abuse Services

The mission of the Substance Abuse Program is to provide comprehensive substance abuse education, counseling (individual and group) and recovery. The program is offered to those who are currently on probation, incarcerated or Court ordered. The ultimate goal of the program is to keep the youth drug free, recognize maladaptive behaviors and thinking patterns that led them to substance abuse and crime, and to allow them to successfully complete the program.

Anger Management Services

The Anger Management Program is guided by the Conflict Resolution Curriculum and is useful in helping adolescents develop anger management skills, work cooperatively and resolve conflicts in a nonviolent manner (within a group setting). The use of conflict resolution skills training helps adolescents develop anger reduction and management skills.  The Anger Management Program is offered to those who have been Court ordered to ARMY, GEMS, or Boot Camp.

UTRGV Community Counseling Internship Program

Another initiative that provides learning and community involvement is our Internship/Practicum Program for Mental Health Professionals. By partnering with the University of Texas Rio Grand Valley we are able to provide internships and practicum hours for local graduate students. Contact our Staff Associate Psychologist for more information. Laura Chong at

Victim Services Department

Juvenile Justice officials in this community are concerned when our citizens become a victim of a crime which is why the Victim Services Department has been established to assist any person with understanding the Juvenile Justice system, rights as a victim in the case, updated information concerning the case, restitution matter and programs in the community. Among the Victim Services Department is the Victim’s of Crime Act, which offers victims of Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Family Violence, and Dating Violence counseling sessions.

Sexual Offender Treatment Program

To provide the best treatment for our juveniles, we partnered with a local psychologist that solely works with our young offenders to assist in the rehabilitation of their sexual offenses.  Services offered include individual, family and group counseling as well as psychological assessment for at-risk juveniles.

Prevention and Intervention Programs

Community Service Restitution Program 

The Community Service Restitution Program (CSRP) includes a graffiti abatement component which requires coordination and partnerships with various agencies. Services that the program provide vary from neighborhood cleanups, park improvements, humane society assistance, and numerous other projects. Youth in this program are required to perform a set amount of community service hours as determined and ordered by the court.