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General Information  
If you have missing livestock that you wish to claim, please call the Cameron County Sheriff's Office.

Date of Impound Description Location of Impound
12/18/2017 1 White Stallion 3301 S. Palm Court Dr. - Harlingen
1/12/18 1 Dark Brown Horse 32780 FM 2520-San Benito
1/17/18 2 Brown Horses Dockberry Rd.-Brownsville
1/31/18 1 Brown Horse FM 508 W. of FM 507-Harlingen
2/12/18 1 Dark Brown Horse 21600 Block of FM 2925-Rio Hondo
3/1/18 1 Brown Bay Stallion FM 803 1 ½ mile S. FM 1561
3/7/18 1 Brown Bay Stallion Pony Yost Rd. - San Benito
3/13/18 1 Brown & White Pony FM 510/Share 28-Bayview
3/17/18 1 Light Brown Horse-Sorrel Mare San Roman Rd.-Bayview
4/16/18 1 Grey Donkey FM 1847 & Fresnal Rd.-San Benito
4/21/18 1-Grey/Brown Donkey FM 506-Santa Rosa
5/10/18 1-AQHA Bay Mare 19770 Hooks E Hodges-Santa Rosa
5/10/18 2-Brown Cows 24538 N. Parker Rd.-La Feria
5/14/18 1-Bay Philly Mustang 33893 FM 732-San Benito
5/17/18 1-Goat 29457 FM 510-San Benito
5/22/18 1-White Potbelly Pig 24855 Coral St./32270 Olive Dr.-San Benito
5/23/18 1-White Cow & 1-Grey Bull W. Bus. 77/Kikos Bar-San Benito
5/24/18 1-Brown FM Pony 29786 FM 510-San Benito

If you have any questions on a lost Bovine, feel free to call:

Lt. Domingo Diaz Jr. at (956) 427-8060 or
Sonny Ramos (Livestock Officer) at (956) 434-8188.
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