Money that the inmate had with him at the time they were booked will be deposited into the inmate's trust fund. During the inmates confinement they will be allowed to purchase commissary (Aramark Commissary). The cost of the purchases will be deducted from the inmate's trust fund. When they are released from custody or transferred to another institution, the balance of the account will be returned to them. While they are in Jail, money may be deposited into the inmates account by family or friends. Inmates are not allowed to transfer funds to another inmate's account. Inmates are not allowed to have cash, checks or money orders on their person or in their possession. Inmates may release money to their family, attorney or bond's person. However, approval must be obtained from the Shift Supervisor.

ONLY money orders or certified checks will be accepted through the mail. No cash will be accepted and will be returned to sender. All money orders or certified checks need to be mailed to the address below and made payable to the inmate.

CO Inmate Trust Fund
Inmate Name/Inmate ID #
P.O. Box 1539 Olmito. TX 78575

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